3 Ingredient Stuffed Chicken http://cookwithgrandma.com
My grandma almost always cooked everything from scratch. But let’s face it she didn’t work outside of the home either.  Now this Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe certainly could be made form scratch but we want to show you an easy way to prepare a satisfying, delicious meal without taking hours.  Lynn has been busy cooking again and this time she is sharing her Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe with us and there are only three ingredients.  This post contains affiliate links. […]

3 Ingredient Easy Stuffed Chicken Breast

Lasagna Roll Ups for Picky Eaters at http://cookwithgrandma.com
Today we have a super easy recipe for Lasagna Roll Ups submitted by Lynn Boggs. Sometimes the kids can be picky but this recipe was a hit with everyone at Lynn’s house. There is no spinach or ricotta cheese in this recipe. I bet even my pickiest husband in the world would eat these.                                    *This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. […]

Lasagna Roll Ups for Picky Eaters

Grandma's Meatloaf from http://www.cookwithgrandma.com
My mom is no longer living but I am sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing this recipe with you that she learned from my grandmother. For as long as I remember she made meatloaf this way. I remember it easily because the recipe is based on two of everything. It makes two loaves of meatloaf. You can serve a lot of people or freeze one for a busy night. There are 2 pans of 2 pounds of meatloaf each. Then just […]

Grandma’s Meatloaf – Never Dry