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Cook with Grandma™ is more than a recipe blog. It is a community where we can all share our favorite recipes. If you have a recipe that is a family favorite be sure to submit it and share with the rest of us. If there is a story behind the recipe all the better! I’m always excited to learn what other families love to cook and eat and how they come together.

Share Your Family Recipes on Cook with Grandma. We want to hear what makes them special.

Now before you share Grandma’s secret recipe that she enters in the county fair every year be sure to get her permission. Only post those recipes that you have every right to post. You may not copy a recipe from a cookbook or website and submit it. If you have adapted a recipe to fit your family please be sure to provide a link to the original source.

Some things you need to know before you submit a recipe:

  • Filling out this form does not guarantee that your recipe will be posted.  
  • Preference will always be given to those that follow this blog and newsletter but those things are not a requirement to be accepted.
  • It is desirable that your submission include at least one image. Our readers love to see what the recipe looks like when it is finished. Take the best picture you can. Submissions with no photo will be moved to the bottom of the list because I will have to make the recipe and take the pictures myself.
  • Posts must be original and not posted elsewhere online.
  • I am concerned with content rather than the length of the post. Posts with great stories that go with the recipe will always be considered a top priority. We want to hear why this recipe is special to you and your family.
  • While I understand that you might not be a writer, try to make the post look appealing. This means it can include things like numbered list, bullet points and images of the food and/or your family.
  • While I love to support other bloggers and businesses, the Cook with Grandma site rarely accepts posts if their only focus is to push their own site or product. While sponsored posts may be considered to help support this blog, this is not the form for such posts. Please send an email to [email protected] and we can discuss your options. If this blog is not a perfect fit, I have others that may work.
  • Your post will be edited if there are spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You may provide a link in your post to a relevant article if it adds to the value of your post. If the link is broken, it will be removed. If it is promotional I will send you an email regarding a possible post on one of my blogs as a sponsored post with an appropriate fee.
  • We would love to know who is writing the post. Try to include a few sentences about yourself. (A bio of sorts. This is the place to link to your blog if you have one.)
  • If you submit a photo that includes one or more people, I must be given permission to use that image by everyone in the photo. I will email you a release to sign or have signed before publishing. If you would like to avoid this simply only include images of the food in the recipe.
  • If you are providing an image from a creative commons site, please include a link to the page you were on right before you downloaded the image so that I can give the proper credit. I do not accept Flickr images at this time.
  • Cook with Grandma™ does not provide monetary compensation for guest posts.
  • If you are submitting to this blog please download this image and post use consent and email it to [email protected] I must receive this before I can post your submission.

Image and article submission use release form


This is NOT the place to put comments for my blog. Continued comments left here will have their ip blocked.


Please only submit images that you took yourself or provide a link to attribution if a creative commons image. Images of 644 x 422 are preferred. You can use to resize your image free.
Please complete the required fields.
You must legally be able to submit this image. Size must be 640 x 422 or 650 x 650. You can resize an image free at If submitting a different size it will be reviewed and may be changed to fit the site. Please submit only jpg or png images. If you did not personally take the image being submitted please leave the link for attribution from the creative commons site (not the link that only shows the photo). NO Flickr images.




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I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I love cooking in the kitchen with my grandchildren and dearly wish my own grandmothers were still here today. They were an important part of my life and with this site I wish to honor grandmothers, families and the recipes they have shared with us.

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