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My grandma almost always cooked everything from scratch. But let’s face it she didn’t work outside of the home either.  Now this Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe certainly could be made form scratch but we want to show you an easy way to prepare a satisfying, delicious meal without taking hours.  Lynn has been busy cooking again and this time she is sharing her Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe with us and there are only three ingredients.  This post contains affiliate links. […]

3 Ingredient Easy Stuffed Chicken Breast

Easy Cheesy Mac and Cheese cookwithgrandma.com
Sometimes we get in a hurry and we don’t have time to make something from scratch. In that case we grab for a box and hope our family doesn’t complain. Well, in Lynn’s house she isn’t going to get away with that when it comes to Mac and Cheese because her kids have tasted the good stuff! Even name brands won’ t do when you can make a homemade version that tastes as good as this does and really doesn’t […]

Easy Cheesy Mac and Cheese Step-by-step Recipe

Lasagna Roll Ups for Picky Eaters at http://cookwithgrandma.com
Today we have a super easy recipe for Lasagna Roll Ups submitted by Lynn Boggs. Sometimes the kids can be picky but this recipe was a hit with everyone at Lynn’s house. There is no spinach or ricotta cheese in this recipe. I bet even my pickiest husband in the world would eat these.                                    *This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. […]

Lasagna Roll Ups for Picky Eaters

105 Easy Everyday Tips that will Save You Time, Money & Face in the Kitchen at http://cookwithgrandma.com
Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you cooked in the kitchen with your grandma you probably learned a lot of her everyday tips for the kitchen. By now you may be cooking in your own kitchen and have some daily hacks of your own. Some of these tips and tricks are a little old fashioned but that doesn’t mean they don’t still work. Take all of the hints that work for you and use them and leave the rest. *This post […]

105 Easy Everyday Tips that will Save You Time, Money ...

Share Your Family Recipes on Cook with Grandma. We want to hear what makes them special. 1
Cook with Grandma™ is more than a recipe blog. It is a community where we can all share our favorite recipes. If you have a recipe that is a family favorite be sure to submit it and share with the rest of us. If there is a story behind the recipe all the better! I’m always excited to learn what other families love to cook and eat and how they come together. Now before you share Grandma’s secret recipe that […]

Share Your Recipe on Cook with Grandma™

Quick and Easy 3 Ingredient Taco Dip at http://cookwithgrandma.com
Who doesn’t love to dip things? I loved going to Grandma’s house because she always let me dip just about anything I wanted. If she didn’t have any special dip she would just whip some up. Grandma’s are like that! 🙂  I particularly like taco dip.  One thing that Grandma taught me was that you could make almost any kind of dip with cream cheese and sour cream. Just add a different spice mixture and viola you have an entirely […]

Quick and Easy 3 Ingredient Taco Dip

Hot to Roast a Turkey Anytime of the Year 2
There are many, many ways to cook a turkey. You might have a special method that has been passed down in your family and it works great. By all means, keep using your method. The method in my family is the most basic recipe you will find anywhere and likely the easiest.   I don’t care if you have a twelve or twenty-two pound turkey the method will be the same and absolutely anyone do it. (any size)     […]

How to Cook a Turkey Anytime of the Year

How To Safely Thaw A Turkey http://cookwithgrandma.com 1
We all experienced our first Thanksgiving one time or another. If this is your first year making a turkey don’t stress because it is super easy. A turkey is so easy to prepare that I am surprised we don’t eat them more often. They provide plenty of meat and really are one of the cheapest meats that you can buy. But you can’t cook it until you thaw it.   *This post contains affiliate links. Thaw that Bird! In the […]

How To Safely Thaw A Turkey

Grandma's Meatloaf from http://www.cookwithgrandma.com
My mom is no longer living but I am sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing this recipe with you that she learned from my grandmother. For as long as I remember she made meatloaf this way. I remember it easily because the recipe is based on two of everything. It makes two loaves of meatloaf. You can serve a lot of people or freeze one for a busy night. There are 2 pans of 2 pounds of meatloaf each. Then just […]

Grandma’s Meatloaf – Never Dry

grandma and little girl
I was very fortunate to have two wonderful grandmothers. They were really very different in so many ways but both could cook and had large families. The thing I remember most was that everything tasted great at Grandma’s house and there was always enough for everyone no matter who showed up to eat.     I really don’t know how they did it because often times we would start out planning on a dinner for four and then soon there […]

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